Thursday, 21 July 2011

Do Not Call

Yesterday I had a call from Terence in the IT Department of Global Tech.

He said that he was ringing about viruses on my computer.
He went on to explain what viruses are and how they lodge in your hard disk and make your computer go slow.
I said "My computer goes slow"
He said "Ah that would be the viruses."
I asked him what his number was and he said 1086
I then asked what his phone number was and he said
080 282 020 35 and he said it was a toll -free number.
He then said "switch on your computer now and I will guide you through the process..."
I said "I'm not in a position to do that right now"
He asked "When would be a good time to be able to do that?"
I said "I don't want to. I will get my husband to look at it"
He said "Ok." and some kind of bye bye and we mutually hung up.

This afternoon I had another call from Global Tech.
I have reported both calls to Do Not Call because my number is registered with them.
That is all I am going to say about it for now.

This is how the conversation went...

Margaret introduced herself and said she was calling from Global Tech, saying that they had received error messages from my computer and that they could help me to fix them.
I asked her to confirm her name and spell it. It may have been Marfrit.

So this is how the conversation went...

Me: Where is Global Tech?
M: India
Me:How do you know there is something wrong with my computer?
M: Because the error messages from your computer go straight to the International Server.
Me: How do you know it is my computer?
M::Because it is from your IP address.
Me: What is my IP address?
M: 192 168 01 (she didn't mention any dots)
Me: How did you obtain my IP address?
M: Everyone who has internet has an IP address which is registered on the International Server and Global Tech received error messages that there is something terribly wrong with your computer.
Me: How did you get my phone number?
M: We got it form the International Server.
Me: What is your contact number?
M: Toll free 877 623 9180
Me: That doesn't sound like a normal number.
M: You have to add the international call number. Which for you is 61.
Me: Will that cos more?
M: No. It is toll free. We have another number for the U.S.
The reason for my call... You haven't let me tell you why I am calling because you are asking too many questions. The reason I called is because we have received error warnings from your computer which have been sent automatically to the International Server.
We are going to fix it for you.
Me: How?
M: We have highly specialised technicians. They will log onto your computer and guide you on what to do. You can watch what they are doing?
Me: I have had enough now. I think you should get a different job.
M: (Offended) How can you say to get another job? I am doing this to help with your computer.
Me: There is nothing wrong with my computer and you have no legal right to call me.
M: (said some things that I didn't catch). If you ignore this call, any time very soon your computer will break down. It will crash.
Me: I am prepared to take that risk.
M: What?! You are prepared to waste your money? To have a computer that won't work any more? And you have to get another one? You are prepared to make this kind of waste?
Me:I am not going to give you my details and access to my computer:
M:(Placating tone) We're not going to do anything. We are just going to show you what to do. Without our guidance you will never be able to see all the things wrong.
Me: No. I will report you to the authorities.
M: I'm telling you honestly. What are you choosing?
Me: I'm choosing to NOT deal with this through Global Tech.
M: We are here to help you out.
Me:I don't want you to.
M: Who is going to help you?
Me: I'll do it myself or get someone I know to help me.
M: No one will be able to help you. This is highly specialised.
Me: Do you have a website?
Me: I'll look into it.
M:Are you going to hang up.
Me: Is there any more information that you can give me?
M: (mumbling about me asking so many questions and repeating the error message stuff while I am writing down the conversation) What are you thinking?
Me: I am writing down our conversation.
M: (In an accusatory tone) You are sitting at your computer, aren't you?
Me: No. I am standing at my ironing board writing down everything and now I am going to go.
At which point I hung up and terminated the conversation.


Anonymous said...

Woo! You go, girl!

Peg said...

Wow, you have some patience, or must have been desperate for human contact! I'm afraid I have none. All they get from me is "I'm too busy for this"
Love your story, made me laugh to visualise it :-))

Diane said...

I was on a mission, Peg. The more information you can get the better for reporting. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a number of warnings about these scam calls. You can report a telemarketing scam on the ACCC's SCAMwatch website at or by calling the Infocentre 1300 795 995. Information about protecting yourself from these and other scams can also be found online or by calling the ACCC.

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

I had a giggle at you telling them you were standing at the ironing board :)

MrCurly said...

Nice work!

I have had 3 or 4 calls from them, again very thick Indian accents, a couple of them have had a huge verbal blast already - they keep ringing me though. I suspect they are ringing via a computer generated VOIP calling system, when you pick up the call there is either a little clipped waiting music or the usual call centre delay before you get one of the donkeys talking to you.

Seems that telling them they are dealing with an IT specialist of 25 years isn't enough, they appear to be speaking from an autocue/cheatsheet, same rubbish every time, it astounds me that they could scam anybody with their ridiculous assertions. 'There has been a virus found coming from your IP into the internet' ....oh really? I hope my 'virus' didn't make the internet sick, or worse BREAK it!

The next time they call me i am going to give them a real run around, something like this... 'i think i have found the virus, its sort of irredescent red and is running about on my screen eating folders, GET RID OF IT PLEASE! oh no, its on me now, ahahahhhhh. (then hang up).