Saturday, 2 July 2011

Seeing Red

Do you remember this layout? Well here we are with another of the same calibre. It seems I am starting a trend - fun/funny photos of me and Peg.
And Peg has done something with it too which you can see here - in fact I stole her words!
I've decided to change formats for a while. I've just about filled my 12x12 album so I am going to aim at filling my 8.5x11 album with my Colour! Or is it Color? layouts. It's different working in a smaller space but I like it.

Oh! And...
See the white and black with a touch of red card behind the main photo? It is one of a whole pile of cards that I collected with my friend at the Finders Keepers market in Sydney in May. I am thrilled to have used it rather than just leaving it in an ever increasing collection of stuff.



Peg said...

It was sooooo good catching up!

Lillian Child said...

Great job on this layout!