Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Caitlin is so flexible that she doesn't realise that she's doing something unusual with her posture.
The other day I turned around and saw Caitlin relaxing (you couldn't call it sitting!) at the computer with her legs up in the air doing semi splits while playing a game. When I asked her what she was doing she said "Playing a game." I guess that was obvious. I saw the legs first!
If it's not the splits in the air then it's the splits on the ground. Or she bends herself in half - backwards!
That's just the way she is.

This is a yellow layout for Colour! Or is it Color? by Nic Howard at Big Picture Classes.
When I went to put this layout in the album it was an inch too high. I'd forgotten to cut it down to 11 inches. Fortunately it wasn't all stuck down permanently and I managed to trim it at the top and the bottom. You wouldn't even have known, eh?

Cartoon 2682 from DoghouseDiaries made me think of Caitlin. Ha ha ha. She likes to flip herself or flop herself or just split herself at any and every opportunity.
DoghouseDiaries 2682

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