Monday, 4 July 2011

The Entertainer

I have a little bit of a scrapbooking bug.

The other day I took my real camera with the phat lens to the park to take some decent photos rather than the snappy shots I take on my various iPhone cameras.
While we were at the park Declan and Hudson played football (the one with the rugby ball), Susannah, Sophie-Lee and Malachi played soccer, and Caitlin and Reuben played on the the play equipment. There were a couple of other kids at the park and they were highly entertained by Reuben's slapstick humour. He would run up the slide and then fall flat on his face and slide back down. Or he would run towards the children playing and then pretend that he hit a pole or the bar and fall down dramatically. All the time the two children were laughing their heads off. The more they laughed the more Reuben acted. The more Reuben acted the more the kids laughed.
Later, Reuben was happy for me to take a few photos of him. I decided to scraplift a layout that I previously scraplifted from Leeann Pearce a few years ago.


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