Monday, 26 September 2011

Three weeks

Three weeks in blogland is a very, very long time.
Three weeks without doing anything creative is an eternity!

Fortunately, I have been able to snatch little opportunities to create.
Here are the latest entries (in no particular order) to my sketch diary thing that I carry around with me everywhere.

 So, I actually did this one yesterday. I had fun making this one up and will certainly have a go at doing it again.

 When all else fails, draw fruit. I was relatively uninspired while sitting in the waiting room at the ultrasound place. I really wanted to use my watercolour crayons so after the chair I branched out to the fruit.

 A bit of doodling while listening to a message on Psalm 1 at our church camp. I just wanted to try out the watercolour shading that I have seen lately. Mmmm. I like it.

 My creative response to Psalm 23. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I saw Psalm 23 on the list of Psalms we were going to look at while at our church camp. As it turned out this was THE BEST talk and it was SO meaningful to me right at that time. SIGH.
Edited: Actually.... This is my creative response to Psalm 1. I didn't do a creative response to Psalm 23 - it was enough to hear the message and soak it in.

 A reminder from Psalm 116 to testify to myself. Yes, the Lord has been good to me!

 A need to do something and very little inspiration about - feather in my crayon tin (drawn before, I am sure) and Hudson's football. My black pen had run out so I was testing to see if Susannah's pen was waterproof. It was.

Just some random, quick and easy doodling.

So there you go.

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