Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Ah, but I am not saying goodbye.
Many years ago when Soph was a youngster she asked "When you've finished the paper towel, can I have the toodle-oo*?"
I thought that was cute and we have called the inner cardboard tubes of toilet paper, paper towel and the likes toodle-oos ever since. And, if you happen to be the one (usually me) who uses the last sheet of paper towel, or the last bit of aluminium foil (rare) then you can hold it up to your mouth and trumpet a "toodle-oo" into it to announce its presence!

This is what you get if you put a creative creature in possession of a collection of toodle-oos - a parliament of owls!!! (For other collective nouns for animals check out this link, or this link, or the good old Wikipedia for more than just a collection of collective nouns!)

* I have chosen to spell it this way for Internet safety reasons.

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Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Awsome!! Going to use this idea!!