Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hudson broke his humerus but it ain't funny!

Who'd have thought that the toy that brought Hudson so much joy could bring so much pain in the blink of an eye.

This is a very happy Hudson riding in his brand new toy car (what do you call it? Dinky car?) at Christmas 2008. It was worth the money we spent for it and Hudson played with it up until this year. For a few months now it has been tucked away in the shed at the back of our place. Only the other day I saw it and thought we should get it out for Moses to play with.

As it turned out, the dinky car caught the eye of Mo's Mum and out it came. But I think Hudson and Declan claimed possession pretty quickly and took it in turns to push each other along like maniacs, screaming and shouting in such a way that it was hard to tell if they were having fun or hating every moment!

It wasn't long before disaster struck. Declan was pushing Hudson. Hudson was yelling "NO!" in a way that could have been interpreted as "This is fun!!!". The car skidded and tipped over. Out went Hudson's arm and the roof came down on his arm and broke it (although we didn't know it right then) just above the elbow.

One look at his arm told me that all was not right and we went straight to the hospital.

We didn't have to wait long for pain relief, x-rays, and decisions to be made. The pain relief worked, the x-rays showed a break just above the elbow, and the orthopaedic surgeon said that Hudson would need to have the bone wired together so that it healed in the right position.

Hudson dozed, chatted, tried to but couldn't play I Spy, and dozed some more.

He was very happy to get an ER teddy bear which went with him to and from the operation and home with him as well.

It's a long wait, watching the door, hoping it will be the doctor coming to tell you that it is all over and it all went well. And that did happen about an hour after I kissed Hudson's sleeping cheek. Even though I have been through it quite a few times myself, watching my little boy fall under the spell of general anaesthesia was a little daunting. I kind of had to hold back a tear.

It was a definite relief to be there to watch Hudson's departure from La La Land, albeit unwilling, and arrival back to our world.

We're home now. Hudson has wires sticking out of his arm which is protected by a back slab, bandaged, and held up with a collar and cuff. Taking life easy, avoiding bumps and measuring out the pain relief carefully to avoid overdose are the call for the next few weeks interspersed with visits to doctors and radiographers.

Considering Hudson has broken his arm before, I really hope he is not going to go for a hat trick. And to quote myself...
"Here's to happy healing (and finding a decent parking spot when I have to take Hudson for another x-ray and to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon at the end of the week.)"

Actually, just remembering, I think the dinky car is called a Little Tykes Coupe or something like that..

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