Saturday, 8 October 2011

More Sketch Diary Pages

I saw this Op Art link the other day and knew I just had to try it, so while we were sitting around in hospital last week I drew around Hudson's hand with a pencil and started drawing my lines with a black pen. Isn't it cool?! I like the effect and will probably try it with all sorts of shapes. Actually, I might even get the kids to have a go too.

It is not often that I get to sit around with nothing much to do but lately it seems that it is becoming all too often. I wouldn't so much mind the opportunity to add to my sketch diary if it didn't include a broken arm or a flat tyre but that is the way it is. Can you tell I was inspired by the huge walls covered in wheels at the tyre place.

We went home between the x-ray and the appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon because I didn't want to kill the hour or so just sitting in the car. We got back to the doctor appointment about 5 minutes before time and then waited for an hour in the waiting room - another page in my journal well and truly done.

Where do you go for inspiration? If you ever need a little art class then check out shine brite zamorano - there is a wealth of inspiration at this blog.


Anonymous said...

I love the top one of Hudson's hand! Will show Alan and try to emulate its awesomeness later...

lori vliegen said...

hi diane! your journal pages are fabulous!! i love it that you found inspiration from all the different places you were! i think you made great use of your time in that tire store....i love all your circles!! and your first photo of the hand is spectacular!!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog.....and i SO appreciate your interest in my letterLAB class!!! xoxo