Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tie Dyed!

Sophie-Lee decided to tie dye some jeans. She visited the local pre-loved clothing shop and bought a pair of jeans that she thought were size 10 but they were actually men's 107cm!!!Plan B - dye some jeans you already have.

We didn't look up tie dying on the 'net (which is very unusual for me) and just wung it and learnt a little along the way.

Sophie-Lee got some laundry bleach and soaked her jeans for a few hours - learnt that she should've soaked them for a few days. Then we did the tying and dying.

I hate to see a whole washing machine full of dye go to waste so we bunged in a sheet as well.

That colour was called Cherry Red - learnt that the colour is rarely (previous experience here as well) the same as what it says on the packet.

So here's the results.

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