Sunday, 11 May 2008

6x12 Layouts

I had a little spree of creating 6x12 layouts this weekend. It was nice to work with a different size.

For Reuben's birthday we had a fancy dress theme and a bonfire to top it all off. I built the best bonfire ever - it started with one match! And it was just the right size for heat, good looks and not going on for days.

I wanted to build a fire that would start easily. I looked up How To Build A Bonfire to confirm what I already knew - that you need the right fuel and airflow. This is what it looked like in broad daylight.

And here's a 6x12 layout of the event.

And another one of the girls in their long dresses with sparklers - it looks like some special ceremony! But it's not :)

There's a challenge over at Scrapboxx that I thought I would do - well some of it anyway. Leeann challenged us to use 4 or more old photos on a layout with torn paper and stitching. She gave us a sample which I found very inspiring - so much so that I scraplifted it. I didn't use old photos and I didn't do stitching - there's always one in the class!

A layout about Hudson. He says 'either' (pron. eever) instead of 'as well' or 'too'. When he was talking to Daddy on the phone he said "I love you either". I just wanted to capture that cute moment. Here Hudson is talking to Grandad and Grandma on his birthday. So cute!

That's all for now.

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