Sunday, 18 May 2008

In case you didn't notice...

... it snowed last night!!!

I never cease to get super excited about snow. I love it.

I am SO glad I looked out the window and noticed that the cars were covered in snow otherwise I wouldn't have known that it snowed. I do regret not making a snowman last night, though. Oh well. This photo will have to suffice.

May 17th is definitely the earliest I have known it to snow in my 20 years of living here.


Julie said...

You did well to take a photo. I enjoyed it through glass at 11.30pm. :)
I noticed someone had made a snowman at the bowling club and at Alma park when I was out at 10am this morning. They were a pretty impressive size!

I hope we get some more :)

Sandy said...

omg, that's so funny!! i just stumbled on your blog as was like, "who the hell would be EXCITED about snow in may!?". yeah, so then i realize your in Oz - i get it now, even i get a LITTLE excited at the first snow fall. enjoy your winter!