Friday, 27 February 2009

Art Journaling 102

Art journaling appeals to me. I like seeing other people's art journal pages and I get inspired to do my own. But then... I don't know what to do. So... I am taking an art journaling course (another one) with an artist whose work I really, really like -Dina Wakley's Art Journaling 102.

Whenever I spray something - no matter what - I put my 12x12 sketch pad down as a backing.

Unless it is too big, in which case I put down some of the butcher's paper that I snaffled from our move. I love this bit of butcher's paper that was used as a drop sheet for the girls when they were spraying 12x12 cardstock using a mask. Then I plopped my soggy bit of sprayed silhouette onto the middle of it. I love the result.

Before I started AJ 102 I was inspired by Dina's silhouette figures so I cut one out from a catalogue and had a go on a background that I had already made when I was doing Vivian Bonder's class.. This was my first attempt.

I still feel that I haven't finished this page so there might be more to it some time.

And here's another one cos I just had to use the mask more than once.

Now on to my first page from Dina's class. I had fun doing this. I cut out a figure from a catalogue and had a go at masking, stamping and then masking again. When I masked the second time I did it with paint and I really did not like the results (so I am not going to show you). Also the mask was a squishy mess that ended up being a squishy dismembered mess.

There's something not quite finished about this either. Oh I know. I didn't keep the bit that I cut the figure out of. What I'd really like to do is stamp inside the silhouttes. Hmmm.

The first print I did with this silhouette was on the butcher's paper and I thought "Ooooh. I like that!" So I printed it onto some yummy textured water colour paper. I like it just the way it is.

Okay. That's all for now.


Chris said...

Just stopping by to say hi from Art Journaling 102. I love your pages done with the motif, and the last one is really cool. I have to admit I was an acrylic and ink spraying virgin but I love Dina's teaching style and really enjoy seeing the other students' work in the gallery and on their blogs. See you in the gallery,

Dina said...

Wonderful work, I love it!

Scraps said...

Your work is beautiful! I love your motifs and the colors you choose.

Christina Tryon said...

Hi Diane! Also stopping in from Art Journaling 102. I absolutely love that flower mask! All of your pages are so original and look great!