Thursday, 26 February 2009

Playing with Pastels

I'm doing Dina's Art Journaling 102 Class and in that Dina recommends using Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels. Finding them in a local store was nigh on impossible so I ordered 2 packets on line. Two, because I really have two work stations in my art room and I didn't want to reach over the table everytime I wanted the next colour.

I love to see what happens when my kids see what I am doing and then take it and run. Now I am going to show you what happens...

The other day while I was on my Crop Bootcamp roll I came across this bit of Rusty Pickle paper and it was just calling to be coloured in with my newly acquired oil pastels. So I did. After I did the backgound (a learning process about how watersoluble oil pastels work in comparison with watercolour crayons) I decided that it wouldn't work for the layout I had planned. So I left it sitting there.

Then Sophie-Lee was inspired by a picture on (I think it was in Wallpapers> Art> Abstract...) and did a little work of art for herself. The next thing was blending my coloured page with Soph's art work. And here's the result.

What happens when Susannah wants to try out the oil pastels too? You guessed it - another colourful creation!

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