Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Our Day at Darling Harbour

Added: Well it seems that my grand idea of uploading straight from Picasa wasn't as grand as I expected.

Here's a slide show of the day. I hope this works better. Just click on the underlined sentence, Dad. :)

(And now, this has taken WAY longer than I wanted to take but you can look at the slide show in Photobucket OR Flickr - your choice. I'm out of here.)

Here's a photo journey through our day at darling Harbour

Cryptic Clue (for those who know) - I was as green as the water I was looking at. That's Declan checking out the humungous goldfish.

I switched my ornery lens for the phat lens so rather than take a photo of the sculpture I took a photo of Sophie-Lee with blurry antlers!!

We found this balloon on our way to Paddy's Markets ( I hadn't been there for about, ooh, 25 years!!! It hasn't as much as I thought it might have.) We had every intention of giving the balloon away but...

I just love these lanterns.

No idea what these are but they're green :)

Another Color Me Katie inspiration. This mannequin was just standing there begging for a portrait - so we obliged.

The lady was worried that we might break said mannequin and he's worth $400 and we'd have to pay. 'twas okay - he's still in one piece.

We left Paddy's market with Sophie-Lee wearing an orange hat, me wearing Sophie-Lee's head band thingy and without the balloon :(

On a rare occasion I am the subject of the photo.

This was a fun "ploppy" fountain and I had fun taking a photo of it.

Part of a sculpture.

Part of a water feature. I love the fact that children can play in the fountains and water features. Sophie-Lee and I were entertained by two little boys and a water feature.

Funky didgeridoo playing...

and a spunky dancer - entertainment on a completely different level.

Ernest the Magnifico at the height of his act. I feel quite proud of myself that I caught the car mid-air and pretty much in focus as well.

DH: Look! That building is falling over.
Mal: Where?
DH. The one with all the windows!!!
Me: Oh! That narrows it down.

This, believe it or not, is Douglas putting his hand up to be involved in a street theatre act. LOL!

That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

Ok where are the pics to go with the words?

Diane said...

Oh! They were there when I posted it. I'll see what I can do.