Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hudson's Happy Birthday

There's nothing more satisfying than giving a present that is heartily received and for Hudson there's no present more heartily received than toy cars. Hudson had a very car related birthday and he was happy.

Here's happy Hudson with his toy cars.

Here's happy Hudson with his movie that has car characters.

Here's happy Hudson talking to Grandma telling her that he bought cars with his birthday money :)

Here's happy Hudson with his car cake.

Here's a close-up of happy Hudson's car cake (99% made and decorated by our resident Master Chef - Caitlin)

Here's happy Hudson trying to blow out his candles (I'm not sure what was with his blowing!!!).

And here's happy Hudson with his Monster Truck Wii game.

And last but not least, the 10,000th photo on my camera!

I was getting Hudson to talk so that he didn't have the cheesy 'smile' like he had in my 9,999th photo - not sure which is better. Whaddayareckon?

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