Friday, 21 May 2010

Now you see it!

Today (which was yesterday cos I'm writing this today but not the today that I am talking about!)... Hudson woke up and he still had his plaster on. Not surprising really.

Here's Hudson looking pretty chuffed with his plaster.

Today was the day the plaster came off.

It took longer to find a parking spot than all the time I spent at radiology and the doctor - which was surprisingly quick. If I was paid the amount the doctor gets paid per minute to find parking spots for people I'd do it for a job!!!

Speaking of which... I thought of a job idea for Hudson. It's a good 'un. More about that another time.

Back to the topic at hand. Sort of.

While we were waiting (not nearly long enough) I decided to practice drawing people. Rather than trying to sneak glances at the subject and hoping that they don't catch me I decided to draw Hudson. Also, I can ask him to sit still or move back to the position he was in when I first started drawing. :)

Here's my renditions - very quick sketches cos seriously... we hardly had to wait at all.

x-rays revealed a healed bone, the doctor removed the plaster with a warning to refrain from activities that involved height or speed for a few weeks, and we were out of there.

"You were wrong!"
The doctor (and many other people as well) warned Hudson that his arm would be skinny. It seems they were wrong.

You may wonder why Hudson is pulling that funny face. More in the next blog post - coming soon.

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