Friday, 21 May 2010

Let's Play Pictionary

So, in my last post you saw this picture of Hudson with rather an odd contortion of his mouth.

Now I will explain.

Hudson and Declan have a silicon trainer as the starting point for treatment for their teeth.

Both boys are comfortable, after a couple of days of gagging and dribbling and much bribery, with the trainers in their mouths during the day. And that is the reason for the funny face.

So while Hudson has his trainer in he has taken to miming while making sounds like "mmmm" and "mmmmmhmmmm" and "mmmm.mmmm.mmm" etc. Obviously the actions help to determine what is being got at but there are moments where my charades experience just falls short of getting the message. On one of these failure occasions I told Hudson to draw (or write if he felt the urge) what he was saying.

So, let's play Pictionary.

First Hudson drew this.
Any guesses?

Flower? Tree?

Then he added this.


How 'bout if we add this?

Ah, legs!!! (that's no)
A tree!!! :)

But wait there's more.

It's a person?

It's a person!!!
Much nodding of the head and positive grunty sounds.

By this stage I got it.
I bet you haven't though.
But I knew some things that you don't know.
I'll give you a hint...
Hudson was sitting at the computer and he wanted me to get him to somewhere.

The answer is "Brain Games". That flower looking thing is a brain!
I was impressed. Oh yes I was.

Now we are working towards the boys keeping their trainers in at night.
Then we'll work on keeping their mouths shut.
Oh, the fun!!!

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Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE this storey. hahahahahaha