Friday, 24 September 2010

Discover Life

This is Hudson and Declan on the rocks at Claydon Reserve, Sans Souci. It's my favourite soccer field just because of the view.
It is a rare occurrence now to see the boys quietly engrossed in something together. Usually they are kicking a ball around (or each other), rumbling on the floor, or just plain fighting!

Here's a thought....
Here we are living in TIME - that tiny speck on the continuum of eternity past and eternity future. How amazing is that?!
Choose life.

Layout 16 in Blue Bazaar's Crop Bootcamp. :)

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kathie said...

That layout just conjures up a sense of calm. The combo of the colours, the beach background in the photo, and the fact that the boys are so meditative almost, in their absorption in what they're doing. It all conveys a sense of stillness and calm. Just what I needed tonight, lol!