Saturday, 4 September 2010

From Mama to Mamachi

I've been looking forward to becoming a grandmother for years and years - way before any of my children were at child-producing age. What an humungous blessing to become a grandmother - a crown for being a mother (Proverbs 17:6). Not only that, but it is a blessing to see my beautiful daughter grow so gracefully into mohterhood. I am so totally and utterly blessed.

Before Moses was born Annelise and I discussed grandmother names. We both wanted something different. Eventually we settled on Mamachi. Annelise read it (or similar0 in a book and I googled it just to make sure there was nothing unseemly attached to the name (there's not). So Mamachi it is. Or any variation that Moses might come up with. :)

This is layout #7 for Blue Bazaar's Crop Boot camp.

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