Friday, 20 May 2011

Playing With Watercolour

Many Many years ago I puddled around with watercolour paint for a while. It has been a long time since those tentative brush strokes - years - but I'm back. The re-inspiration started with Martha Lever's Color Drop Flowers.

I acquired, let's just say, a cute portable set of water colour paints and got stuck right into painting.

I felt a strong need to paint chooks. Not actually paint chooks but make a painted rendition of a chook or two. Or three!!! That strong need was provoked by another watercolour artist that I admire, David Lobenberg, and his Chinese-style rooster.

As an aside, Milind Mulick's watercolour paintings are fabulous. I particularly like this one. His wet/shiny surface renditions are outstanding!
Hennyway. Back to the chooks.

I still haven't decided whether or not to put pen lines around the chooks. It's a hard one.
So, then after the chooks I just wanted to paint but I didn't know what so I just doodled - a different type of doodling.

It's actually a very small painting - maybe 3 inches high.
When I was doodling I painted a pear as well but I can't find it. Maybe it is buried in my art room somewhere. Or maybe I actually gave it to someone. Here's a picture of Martha Lever's pear instead.

And then I did Martha Lever's Color Drop Flower class. Of course, I had already tried to do it myself but having the little technical hints and seeing it done sure does help.

Here are my first, but definitely not my last, colour drop flowers after doing Martha's class.

Just in case that is not enough inspiration for you....
Lori Vliegen (who I know not - not that I know any of the bloggers I link to) has obviously been doing Martha's class as well and she has taken it all one step further and made it her own. She also played with a stamp and gave it a watercolour effect - I want to try that too.

That's all for now.
Note: I know I have used 'color' and 'colour' in the same post.


Anonymous said...

Darling Diane,
Did you actually paint those chooks or had them copied - they look very real to be painted?!
You gave me a painting of "pears" years ago and Dad framed it and it is in the kitchen. If that is the one you are thinking of?!
Lots of hugs, MUM

Yvonne said...

What brand are the paints you have with the fold out palette? Beautiful work.

Diane said...

Hi Yvonne,
The set is Winsor and Newton Cotman 45 Half Pan Studio Watercolour Set.

Yvonne said...

Thanks Diane... much appreciated.