Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Book Spine Poetry

Yesterday Annelise saw this post about book spine poetry and was immediately inspired to compose one herself.
Annelise showed me that same post and I was immediately inspired to compose one myself. I went straight to my art room Expedit (I had no desire to navigate the stairs to the main bookshelves) and started collecting and collating.

Who'd've thunk?!
I just love what one can do with words. (And numbers)

Here are my first attempts at book spine poetry.

 Love Life
How babies are made
Seven from Heaven
Gioie di una madre
(Joys of a mother)

 Yarns on women
The elements of style
It's not always black and white.

The lady and the chocolate
Sharing your story
Each new day
Living out loud
That's life!

How 'bout you have a go, eh? 


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yay for picking up the inspiration baton and running with it!! I like the last one especially. Another possibility from this selection:

How babies are made
(it's not that black and white)

If only we could combine our book collections! I'm going to have a look through my CDs now...