Friday, 17 August 2012

Hooked on Inspiration

It is so easy, for me at least, to keep drinking in all the amazing inspiration, pinning here, posting there, sharing with friends and family or just storing it in my head for an unknown future moment., but never actually getting around to doing something.
Well the other day my twin-who's-not-my-twin and I got together to actually do something that we have been inspired by.
After a very quick, for me at least, perusal of my Art/Journal board on Pinterest I found this cute little artwork - sadly not attributed to anyone but Pinterest.
That was just the inspiration my twin-who's-not-my-twin (and her daughter) and I needed and that is what we went with.
Here are my renditions...

It was a perfect little book that had great chapter titles.

There may be more some time.
Or maybe not.



Anonymous said...

These are so great! Love your artwork on top of the pages of the book.

From Easy Meal Planning

bh yoo said...

Really inspiring, nice drawings.