Thursday, 10 July 2008

Construction and Destruction

There has been a bit of creating going on this house. Most of it is not finished but at last I can show you a finished product or two.

Sophie-Lee had a desire to knit something. She started with a scarf but lost interest and terminated it into a doll's blanket, which Hudson has snaffled.

A beanie was what Sophie-Lee really wanted to make so she bought some gorgeous 'wool' (can't think of the generic term), Googled beanie patterns, raided my knitting needle bag, and got started. PS yarn!!!!!

Having similar genes to me, Sophie-Lee didn't (couldn't really) follow the pattern because her wool was a different ply and the needles were a different size. We played around with circular needles and ended up with a set of four needles (are they for socks?) which did the job triffickly.

So knit, knit, knit and VOILA!

Don't you just love the colours?

Sophie-Lee wanted to make tied-dyed curtains. Another learning curve ensued. Firstly she didn't buy enough fabric and so went and bought some more. Only, the second lot was not cotton, but polyester, and didn't dye the same way. So we made the curtains out of the polyester stuff and have kept the gorgeously tie-dyed cotton fabric for a cushion.

They do the job and we made them ourselves!

Now onto destruction! I only include this so that you can know that you are not alone.

I noticed a scrap of material on the floor but only thought about it for a fraction of a moment without any conclusions.

Then, as I was removing the tablecloth from the table to give it a shake, I realised where that scrap of material came from.

Nobody knows anything about it! I have my suspicions. It was my fave table cloth - the perfect size (it doesn't hang down too far) for our dining table.

So, what would you do?

I told my Dad about this and he said he knew, as in he knew, what it was like - been there done that. And I know who the culprit was for that knowing!

Off to do some reconstruction

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kathie said...

Oh dear. Well, I'm loving patchwork and any type of darning-looking stitching at the moment. So, I'd be tempted to just put a big ol' patch over it - or darn the piece back in really roughly and do a few more to boot! But that's just me.
Congrats on the layout in SC56. Great doodling!