Thursday, 31 July 2008

I want to be...

...a great great great grandmother.

Inspired by Lano and Woodley and this little snippet from one of their shows.

(Lano and Woodley are going on holiday, and are packing. Lano produces an oar from the cupboard.)
Lano: Ba-da!!
Woodley: Why are you taking an oar?
Lano: In case we hire a canoe.
Woodley: Yeah, but the canoes come with oars.
Lano: I want to use my oar.
Woodley: Why?
Lano: My great great great grandfather gave me this oar. He gave it to me a few years ago.
Woodley: Wha’?
Lano: It's one of my most prized possessions.
Woodley: But how could your great great great grandfather have given it to you? He must’ve died about a hundred years ago!
Lano: No. He’s still alive. Oh, sorry. He's not my grandfather's father's father's father. He's just my normal grandfather, but he's a really great, great, great grandfather. He's really great. I love him.

So yeah. I want to be a great great great grandmother. I don't mean that I want my children's children's children to have children. (You have no idea how long it took me to work that out!!! I'm still not sure.) I want to be a normal grandmother. Just a really great, great, great grandmother.

Some of my challenges for this layout...
Use only pp.
Use my newly acquired Boxx of Scraps
Do a layout without a photo

I overcame this challenge with inspiration from Nic Howard from her book That's Life(for the topic - something about the future), Loretta Grayson and Ngaire Bartlam (for using pp), and all the fab products in the Boxx of Scraps from The Boxx. The layout sans photo was just the result really.

There is some symbolism as well - just a little bit. There's a big tree - that's me and DH - and there is a tree for each of our children. That's all.

Products: October Afternoon pp; Luxe Designs Simple Alpha Stickers with an old Pinecone Versacube rubbed over them (they were a tad bright!); Pink Paislee pp; Collections bluebird; WeR Memory Keepers ribbon.

P.S. When I showed Reuben and Susannah my layout just after I photographed it they looked at it, read it and commented. Both liked it.
Reuben said, "You probably will be."
Susannah said "You're already a really great, great, great mother."
Awwwwww! I'm so blessed!

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amanda said...

Hi Diane :)

Thankyou for you comment on my blog :) I am familiar with Sue Dengate - we tried to cut down on additives and preserv. and colours with my dd Kelsey with great success. I have not thought to try it on myself.

Thanks again for your comment! I really love your work - your pages are totally awesome! So much detail and colour they are fabulous masterpeices!