Wednesday, 9 July 2008

If Jane Austen was alive today...

... I'd marry her! That's what Sophie-Lee said. Just read a simple "I love Jane Austen's stories."

So that is what I put on my layout for July's Aussie Scrap Music challenge. The film clip, Mistaken Identity by Delta Goodrem, was full of rich colour and bling and all things inspirational, but the scene that appealed to me most was at the end of the clip in the library with all the old books, the old clock and the chandelier.

Having the knowledge that Memories Mist is ink not paint I lightly sprayed a piece of cardstock with a merging of colours a bit like my last artwork. I was going to do this all on gesso with a kind of book texture but I didn't trust the ink to dry so skipped the agony of that. Then I sprayed on some Glimmer Mist.

I painted the clock and the chandelier on with folk art paint that I got in my kit when I did a class with Loretta Grayson at the scrapbook convention.

Then it was time to use my Kandi's Professional Touch Rhinestone Applicator. The crystals are so beautiful and perfect for the chandelier. I did have issues with it and some are still not resolved. Firstly, the crystals were getting stuck in the applicator and it was a trick to remove it in the right place while still hot and using only two hands! I changed the size of the applicator and that seemed to do the trick.

I hot-fixed all the crystals to find that the cardstock had hot-fixed to my cutting board and when I peeled it off some of the crystals popped off! So then I put my Bazzill Splat Mat underneath (knowing that it can withstand high temperatures) and hot-fixed the crystals back on. Good.

Now on to printers. Have you ever felt like you want to take a brick to a computer-related appliance? Well I didn't today, but... (which reminds me of this game.)

So, it's finished. Not exactly how I had envisaged it but it does the job - to show that Sophie-Lee loves Jane Austen's books - her fave being Persuasion.

It was difficult to take a photo that showed the beauty of the crystals sparkling in the sunlight. In fact, it was difficult to take a photo of the whole layout. The light would catch on some parts and not on others. Maybe this one calls for studio lighting - will ask DH later.

So here is a close- up of some of the layout. Please note that the photo of Sophie-Lee is in focus but the layout had a bit of a curl on it.

And here is a close-up of one sparkling Swarovski crystal.

Also on the layout you will find a Hambly's Screenprint and a book plate. I was going to use Dymo but because I was doing the layout with a photo of Sophie-Lee I conferred with her and then deferred to her preference to not use it.

The unresolved issue with the crystals - after I took the photo I noticed that some of the crystals had fallen off. Fortunately they are all there in the photo - that narrows down the area in which I can get the kids to search! This reminds me of looking for something (a nail? a rivet?) for Dad in the grass - it's like searching for a needle in a haystack but I am hoping that we will find them. Bribery might help!

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