Tuesday, 22 December 2009

It has been a long, long time.

It's been a long time
Way, way long.
Warning - it's a long post. It would need to be to catch up on 2 months' worth of stuff!

So here are some the highlights.
There have been a lot of low times as well, not the least of which being that I have had no access to the Internet on my computer thus making it a bit tricky to do blog posts.

Hennway. Here goes...

We moved - that's all I have to say about that.
Here's my favourite packing photo.

While I was cleaning the house back to spotless I was surprised by our scared little water dragon who scuttled across the window ledge (on the second floor). He didn't make it out of sight so froze - "If I stay really still maybe they won't notice me!" he stayed there for a very long time, so we all took at good look at him.

Did I tell you we had an early birthday party for Caitlin? That way Caitlin could have some friends around to help her celebrate moving into double digits. The date was set, changed, set again and finally Caitlin and I whipped up some cute invitations. This is her idea for a pose.

Q. What do you do when you can't find the gluten free packet cake that you normally use for visitors (cos it tastes 'normal' and the visitors actually eat it!)?
A. You go into creative mode, of course!!! So here's a castle/well constructed with gf wafer biscuits (pushing it for us) and beetroot-pinkified icing cement then filled with marshmallows - couldn't find a just-white-ones packet so pink and white had to do - it went with the theme.

We started moving on the 1st November and we finished moving, sort of, on the 6th November. Our new (as in current, not new. Or modern, as the ad led us to believe.) place is great. Interestingly, I don't mind the sound of the traffic swishing past - susurration is quite soothing. :)

I'll take you for a walk around the garden soon. Here's a photo to whet your appetite.

Quick Dad! Take a photo of this!!!

Caitlin's second birthday cake was a little more sedate. Cait had fun adding cachous to the drizzled on icing. When we came to have the cake all the cachous were gone!!! A certain little sweet-tooth had eaten them all. No worries - we had more to replace them.

Isn't she beautiful!?!

And here's a photo of Caitlin sitting on her bed getting stuck into a chapter book from her BFF Grace.

Could there be more fun than cutting the lawn with scissors?!?! Apparently not.
Check out Hudson's stance - that's because he couldn't find another pair of scissors. It's okay. We found some. 6 kids snipping away got the lawn 'mown' in no time. You know, they even suggested they could do it every week. We have a lawn mower now. :)

Testing out my lens, or camera, or something. Love this man!!!

I found this hibiscus on the ground under the bush so I picked it up, took it to the kitchen and a still life happened.

Still Life Involving Two Mangoes and an Hibiscus!

"Do you know a good photographer?" - it's a joke between Douglas and me.
There's something wrong and my you-beaut phat lens is not working properly. So all the photos I took of Soph before the formal were blown out to billy-oh - so much so that the RAWs could not even be adjusted satisfactorily. Grrr.

Isn't she beautiful!?!

I quickly snapped a photo of Nick and Soph before they headed off to the formal but where was my eye for detail? Okay, so the necklace gives a sense of movement :)

Another dressing up event - an end of school party.

We had a great fun time at Cooper Park in Engadine with my friend the other day. I took my camera along to do a little bit of practising (not really) for a wedding that DH and I are going to photograph. My kids are SO photogenic!

Isn't she beautiful!?!

Where are the boys? you may well ask!


There's a red-headed ring-in. We were all very excited to have Robbie come and stay with us for a few days last week.

I can hear your mind ticking over, yes I can, and wondering "That's all well and good and thanks for all the photos but what have you been creating besides birthday cakes?"

How bout I put that in another post?

See ya soon.

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