Thursday, 24 December 2009

What have we been creating? Part 2

What to do? What to do?

Susannah made this very, very cute triceratops in Uralla, so we're talking YEARS ago now. Cera has been on a long journey with us and has suffered much over the time. Somehow we seem to have NOT taken a photo of her in the past. My ruthless side says take a photo and chuck her out but my sentimental side just can't do it. I really want to finish her properly. So I've taken a photo and her new home is on top of my shelf - she sits there like a beacon, begging me to finish her off - one way or another. :)

Finnish Stars thanks to Meredith and this link on how to make them.

Of course, we didn't do it the easy way (we used cardstock-weight double-sided paper - hands and paper all over the place trying to keep it all stuck together. In the end staples did the trick.

What do you do with...
...the lining of a dressing-ups coat that is tearing?
Rip it out and make a doll.

What do you do with...
...swimmers that have seen better days?
Chop it up and make a doll.

I now have orders for more dolls. And I have a sheet that is no longer big enough for the bed!

Whiteboard Moments. The whiteboard in the office is well used. Not only does it keep us up to date on the happenings of our business, it keeps the kids occupied as well.

And here's one from last week. Manga is the style of the moment.

The other day I decided to just bog in and do something in/to my art room (yes I have one!). It started with organising my shelves. I had the idea of arranging all my books in rainbow order. That was mildly satisfying but it left the rest of the shelves with something to be desired - some kind of impressive colour arrangement.
Here's the result of a day and a half of me and my shelves - The Expedit of Colour.

So you've made it to the end of my update!
Well done.

Now let's see if I can keep up to date a little bit better.


milkcan said...

Love the Finnish stars! Thanks for the link!

mh said...

Just had a lovely time catching up on a whole lot of Sylvester news, creativity and beautiful photos.
Glad to have you back in the blog world! Meredith