Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Last Layout of 2009

I managed to squeeze in one last layout before the year expired. I'm glad I did because I needed to do something just a little bit creative before I packed to go on holidays.

The children in this house know exactly who the tooth fairy is and what the tooth fairy is like. Caitlin figured that this tooth fairy needed a reminder - just putting the tooth on the windowsill (forget under the pillow!) is not enough nowadays - hence a quick note was written and tacked to the soap dispenser. Said tooth fairy got the message loud and clear.

The title of this layout is reminiscent of Six Word Memoirs (I'd give you a link but some of the memoirs are unsavoury to my taste so I'll leave it up to you to pursue if you want). Six Word Memoirs make me happy. (Ha Ha - I didn't do that on purpose!!!) They remind me of Renae and the times we spent ROTFL and coming up with anything but six word sentences.

PS Every time I see the last word of the title I read "reindeer"!!!
PPS I did 77 layouts in 2009.

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