Wednesday, 23 December 2009

What have we been creating? Part 1

What have we been creating in the last few months?

I booked myself in for an art journaling class with Dina Wakley and it happened right at the time of our move. Somehow or other, I managed to do it. I kept tabs on where my art stuff was at any given time and was able to grasp moments to produce an art journal - The Graffiti of my Life.

NOTE: I didn't however, manage to keep tabs on my kitchen scales, the fly swats, and other items for the kitchen. :(

So here's the progression and the results.

While I was sewing bits of the book I managed to just get my stitching finished with this much thread left. The bobbin ran out EXACTLY at the end of my sewing!

Later, when I needed to cut my cardboard longer, I needed to do some more stitching and I used every last skerrick of that thread!

I thought I hadn't done much creating but, looking back through the photos, I realise that I have, but it has been with the kids. So much fun.

Playdough Creations

Caitlin's Beaut Biccies - best kept secret :)

Remember celery doll?

She has matured!

Confetti Crayons - fun to do.

Learnt a few things here. There are crayons and crayons.

When it comes to colouring in with crayons I look through the collection and pick the nice solid looking colours - the ones that actually colour rather than leaving a candle wax resist effect. Well if you want to make confetti crayons you leave them well alone. They're great for colouring in, not great for melting.

Here's my favourite Confetti Crayon - made with all the little crumbs.

That's it for Part 1.
Now for Part 2.

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Karen said...

Wow - your art journaling pages with Dina Wakely look AMAZING!
Yummy cookies too! :-)