Saturday, 20 March 2010

Don't you just love a bit of trigonometry?!

I was only 9 years old and I knew that it was SOH CAH TOA.
I didn't actually know what 'it' was. That came later.
In Year 12 Mr Smith explained trigonometry in such a way that the light came on and I fell in love with maths in a new way. Oh joy, oh bliss!!!
It reminds me of Christmas 2008 when my son-in-law and my step-son were explaining to me the deeper bits about two negatives making a positive - brought tears of joy to my eyes. Really!!!
Actually, there was a bit of trigonometry involved there too.

Hennway. To the point...
I scrapbooked.

It took me a v.e.e.r.y. long time to do this page and it was TOTALLY scraplifted - like, copied - I didn't have to think much at all. But that is the great thing about scraplifting - you can get something done that may not otherwise have been done.
You want to see what I copied? I copied a digi page that I saw in my Building Pages Class at Get It Scrapped but you can see it here.

Speaking of digital...
Basic Grey has to be my all time favourite scrapbooking manufacturer (sometimes others vie for that position but BG is still coming out on top) and I think it is absolutely fantastic that Basic Grey is bringing out their old lines in digital format. Like I have said before "I don't do digital" but if anything would tempt me just a little bit it would be Basic Grey. Ooooh yeah!

So... how tall is that tree? I don't really know.
Declan says "Ten thousand feet high!"
Hudson wasn't prepared to make a guesstimate and just said "Very tall."
DH goes for 60ft.

Next time I go to Shelley Beach (Cronulla) I might apply the pencil method or the shadow method to see if I can ascertain the height of that tree. Or, if I feel especially excited, I might use some trigonometry.

Speaking of tall trees...
It is interesting watching and listening to the mothers of the homeschoolers that get together in that there park at Shelley Beach. Some mothers are quite happy for their children to climb the tree (obviously) and others are downright put out. I was happy for other kids to climb the tree and happy that mine didn't want to, or couldn't! But there will come a time when they will want to and will be able to.
I'm all for tree climbing! And what a blessing, we have a climbing tree in our back yard! Yay for climbing trees.

That's all for now. I think.


Peg said...
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Peg said...

gorgeous page, totally lurve it!

Had to delete previous post as it missed the first 6 letters....
I'm obviously too fast for this old 'puter lol

MH said...

Here's to scraplifting, I say :)

Diane said...

Chink! To scraplifting!!

kathie said...

OMG. I had completely forgotten anything about trig. Despite doing it in year 12 and then going and doing first year math in uni. You brought back a bit of my past with that.

Nothing at all wrong with scraplifting. When I'm a bit stuck I'll often go back to past layouts I've done and use them to springboard onto something new!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)