Sunday, 28 March 2010

Have you heard of Capoeira?

Do you want to have a guess at how to pronounce it?
See if you were correct by checking out this video.
Okay, so you heard what Capoeira is and you can read about it here.
Now do you want to see a demo?
Here is a video of some guys doing Capoeira.
There are some fabulous images if you Google Capoeira.
Or you can just look at my double page layout of the kids doing their warm up stretches and actual Capoeira dancing at SHRIMPs the other day. :)

We enjoyed watching the Capoeira demonstration. Reuben didn't really want to do it be he tolerated it for a while before leaving it to the others. Caitlin, Malachi and Declan joined in happily.

See that photo of Reuben sitting there smiling and pulling the grass? That's him trying to put his chin on the ground, or failing that, pulling the ground up to his chin. That's Declan beside him and flexible Caitlin in the purple top.

Just as an aside - I think I did a great job of getting photos of just my kids (mostly) amongst the 20-30 kids participating.

Oh and this layout is for Crop Bootcamp at Blue Bazaar too - number 5.

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