Thursday, 8 November 2007

Artists in Residence

All the residents in this household are artistic in one way or another and their creations are amazing. Today I want to show you two of Susannah's 'works'.

Susannah has been drawing and using watercolour pencils for some years now. She started by copying other artists' work beautifully, but now she is working from her own inspiration.

The City was inspired by this little tag, which, Susannah says, "reminded me of a city."

Can you spot the family van and Daddy's SAAB? We won't analyse it any more than that, okay?!

And now Fluffed Toys, a beautiful rendition of the 'fluffed toys' on Susannah's bed.

1 comment:

Peg said...

Stunning work Susannah, I love your fluffy toys, could see that framed for your bedroom wall!