Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Bewdiful and Evryfink!

When I first found out that Kim had leukaemia I was pretty much shocked. Then my mind and emotions clicked in. It was like…

“Hang on a minute. God, you’ve got the wrong person. Not Kim!” I just couldn’t imagine my dear friend being very, very sick and having to go through chemotherapy. Surely someone else could have it. But we both know God knows what He’s doing.

Now, a few months down the track, three lots of chemo later, and many trips from Armidale to Newcastle and back, I can still see God working in Kim’s life. And mine.

Kim is a wonder! She’s happy and cheerful. And a total nutcase really! I know she’s not superwoman, and she’s definitely not above feeling the trauma of this whole thing, but she shows the joy she has in God, the peace she has with Him and, whether she is just putting on a face or not, she is inspirational to me. I thank God for her.

I was so glad that we could call in and see Kim at her unit in Newcastle on 10th October, 2007. Now I can picture her in her new home away from home. I miss her so much.

Sophie-Lee took this photo of us together just after Kim said, “Hang on a minute. How's my hair?"

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Peg said...

beautiful page, such a lovely tribute to your friendship (and a gorgeous photo of the 2 of you!), good to hear Kim's doing okay