Sunday, 25 November 2007

Take a photo, it lasts longer!

That's what I called my layout about having lots of people living in the same house at the same time 24/7. My advice to my cleaning lady is simple... "Just clean and don't look back." Only a few days and it will be tidy again. Momentarily!!! The doodling was therapeutic.

I've been on a scrapbooking roll this week. You might wonder where I get the time but it doesn't take me much time - that's one thing, and another is - if I don't do something creative I feel frustrated and irritated. Gardening is satisfying too but the rain has not been conducive to being outside.

Hudson got a hold of Reuben's camera the other day and took about 60 photos. He enjoyed seeing the flash go off but had no idea what he was doing - still doesn't!

Every-so-often I leant forward (I was on the phone to Mum) and took his fingers off the lens.

There was one usable photo, so I scrapped it. I was inspired by Jen Hall (again!) and used her layout as a starting point. I'm having issues finding the layout on Jen's blog so here it is (hopefully).

And here is my rendition - Telephone Love

Last weekend, on my way home from visiting Dad and Mum in Ballina, I stopped at a cute little town to meet my lovely friend Renae. We had a pleasant time strolling down near the river and taking photos of ourselves :)

I was inspired by this very old, out of print fabric, which I first saw on Ngaire's blog, and based my layout on its design.

Here is my layout based on the fabric with one of the photos of Me and Nae.

Finally, did you know that you don't have to sign up to leave a comment? You can click on the word 'comments' at the bottom of the post, then just click anonymous - but write your name in the comment so that I know who you are :)


Nae said...

oh wow i feel so honoured to be on one of your layouts. The layout looks stunning by the way. I will have to do a layout with this photo now. Have a great day chicky. Oh yeah and i love the photos. See you soon.

Peg said...

gorgeous pages Di!!
Love the one of you and Nae, wow, freakin awesome!!!!

you are on a bit of a roll, hoping some will rub off on me :-)