Saturday, 3 November 2007

In Loving Memory

May these precious soles forever rest in peace!

Caitlin got these boots when they were two sizes too big for her - that gave her time to love her boots to death! Life would never be the same.

The boots were kept on life support (a safety pin and help from Dad) for quite some time but we just couldn't keep them going. Caitlin cried and cried - they were her friends. They'd been with her for years. It was hard for Caitlin to let them go.

A funeral was the only way - it was cathartic to prepare the coffin, dig the grave and say goodbye in a little funeral to be remembered.

P.S. Only a few days later the boots were replace by a brand new pair of pink suede boots. Caitlin is happy again.

P.P.S If you look closely you can see a carefully placed line of glue pen around the edge of the page where the black line is - thanks to Hudson! He loves that glue pen.

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