Monday, 5 November 2007

Derwent Colour Pencils

When I was a kid Derwent pencils were an absolute treasure to me. I was given a set of 24 for my birthday (can't remember how old I was), I bought a set when I went to Sydney College of the Arts, and I used to buy extra colours whenever I visited Dymocks in Sydney. I just loved going downstairs into the art department and absorbing the inspiration, the smells, the colour. Aaaaahh! - those were the days!

For a long time no one was allowed to touch my Derwents. When I married Douglas, our Derwent collection more than doubled but the pencils were kept safe from careless hands. Eventually, the Derwents made it to a collective coloured pencil box, mixed in with all the cheap coloured pencils that are hard and break when you sharpen them.

I mean, what was the point of having over 150 coloured pencils if they were never used? Here is what we have left after about 20 years - well used, well loved.

Two admissions...
1. I love arranging things in rainbow-colour order.
2. This photo was inspired by a photo my friend, Meredith, took of some coloured pencils.


MH said...

Hi Diane,
Like to see what you have been up to - love the mini album of the wedding - so cute.
did a few layouts about a month ago and nothing since. Susan Blake is now a CM consultant, so that she can get the odd bit of supplies and was meeting once a month at the golf club. though that i might get along and join them for some scrappn fellowship BUT have not heard anything back yet. loved the layout about Caitlyn's boot, had a little chuckle.
love to you all

Ev said...

just wandering through blogland and I found you. I just love the picture of those pencils all lined up, some chewed some well loved. The would make a good mixed media piece, or even just glued on to a canvas painted black - just as they are. I had thought of this a long time ago but your picture popped my idea back to the fore.

Oh and just to let you know that your grammer ? in the post witht he beautiful mud lark would be there are.

Diane said...

That is a great idea about the pencils on black canvas, ev - I'll look forward to see your rendition of it. I might even do it myself before the rest of the pencils get lost or totally chewed out. Hmmm. What will the kids colour in with then?

Oh it's hard being a pendantess and not even knowing the correct grammar!