Saturday, 12 January 2008

1 bike 2 boys

The other day Malachi was holding the red bike up while Hudson and Declan had a go at trying to ride it. Then Caitlin remembered that there were training wheels for the bike so as soon as Daddy arrived home the kids asked him to put them on.

From 2 trikes to 1 bike on our new very ridable driveway. Miraculously, I reckon, Hudson and Declan were happy to take it in turns riding two circuits of the drive and then handing over. Hudson only recently started pedalling on the trike so he was pretty pleased with himself on the bike. And Declan is a bit of a speed freak but he didn't know how to stop - he was just jumping off. This is what he looked like.

Anyway, I did a layout on the subject.

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