Sunday, 6 January 2008

Catching Up

Finally, I am getting to put some stuff up on my blog. I've been tossing up whether to put it all in one post or spread it over a few - decided on the former. So here goes...

Firstly, I found this round leaf on the back path - it's the second one I have found in our yard and I think they are quite amazing.

When I showed Susannah she nabbed the leaf to do her artistic impression of it. Next thing I know I have a present on the table next to my bed, all wrapped up with a card.

And what a beautiful card! Susannah is a sweetie. I just love little surprises like this and she knows it.

So I open the present and there is a lovely watercolour drawing of my round leaf all presented in a colourful frame that can stand on its own. How beautiful!

Jessica gave me an art journal for Christmas. It is full of beautiful soft handmade paper. I have no idea at all if it is acid free (and I don't think I care) so I will take photos of my pages as a back-up of them - we'll see which lasts longer :)

I was going to fill it in the style of Teesha Moore but the paper is totally not conducive to being washed with watercolour so I am experimenting with all sorts of styles, techniques and whatever takes my fancy. So here are the first few pages that I have done.

My sister gave me some gel markers which are nothing like gel pens. They are actually like crayons. I tested out each colour and rubbed them in a bit. I wanted a colourful page cos I was thinking of my kids at the time. originally I had different plans for this page but it suited me to write out Ephesians 4:17-32 in the New Living Translation.

Many years ago I wrote this out in calligraphy with the same idea of having the nice things in green and the horrible things in black. Here it is again - no calligraphy this time.

And finally, some photos from my garden - I was just testing my new camera.

Chives grow heartily in my garden and I like their flowers so I just let them go. The eating ones are in pots so they grow a bit smaller.

I bought a 'black' lily at the Eumundi Markets a couple of years ago. I think it was called "Pot Black". The lady said that it would be even blacker in our climate here. I don't know if this is it. I thought I planted it in a different pot. Maybe I didn't and this is it or maybe this is the red one that is darker in our climate - I don't know. I hope it is Pot Black cos I paid money for it :)

And this is one of my miniature roses. All my miniature roses have memories attached to them. This one I bought after I had a horrible miscarriage and nearly died from haemorrhaging. Hennyway, the chooks have been eating every new shoot on this normally profusely flowering bush. This season I only have two little buds - that is my baby fingernail to give you an idea of the size. Sweet.

Okay, I've decided to put my Aussie Scrapjack in a new post.

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Anonymous said...

Eph. 4:29-32 is one of my favourite scripture verses Diane.
Very helpful when all you want to do is blow your top!