Friday, 11 January 2008

Just pretend

Hudson is in a lovely mood this morning - probably the aftermath of his sneaky eating binge yesterday. He has always been a great actor and mime artist but today he has coupled it with little squeaky noises and crawling around acting like a dog.

Daddy told Declan to take "the doggy" outside to play fetch, so out they went to play their little game. Declan came back inside a minute or so later and said, "He fetched it once."

Daddy said "Well that's not a good dog," to which Declan replied "It's okay. Someone gave us a hundred dollars." (Why that has anything to do with it, I don't know!)

"Why did they give you a hundred dollars?" asked Daddy.

"Because we needed it," replied Declan.

"I wish someone would give me money cos I needed it," mused Daddy out loud.

Declan asked "How much money do you need?" to which Daddy replied "Twenty million!"

Declan went outside and then came back and said "Here's Twenty million dollars."

Daddy said "Fantasic! I'll never have to work again."

Declan said "Dad! This is fake money!"

So Daddy said "In that case I'll just have to pretend that I'll never have to work again."

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Peg said...

lmao, absolutely priceless, and definitely scrap-worthy!