Wednesday, 23 January 2008

2 Peas Chalk and Cheese

This layout was inspired by the title on Nic Howard's layout Thirty Seven in her book That's Life - besides the photo, of course. Then I saw Jen Hall's Sunday Prompt and decided to make it a watercolour background .

Declan and Hudson are so alike that people think they are twins - two peas in a pod, they say! And yes. They are alike, especically when they wear the same clothes.

Declan and Hudson are the same height, wear the same size clothes, and Hudson copies just about everything Declan says, does and wants.

But Declan and Hudson are quite different - chalk and cheese. Even though Declan is 15 months older than Hudson he is smaller. He is light and wispy where Hudson is solid and heavy. Declan is soft and loving and Hudson is tough and stubborn.

One thing is for sure - they are both loved equally and unconditionally.


Anonymous said...

Oh Diane, this is beautiful. You are so creative and I love your boys.
(I have sent you three emails, I do hope they have come by now, and cheered you...what is wrong with that computer?)

jilly said...

Diane you are just so dang talented! Your boys are gorgeous too!