Wednesday, 16 April 2008

An Autumnal Afternoon at Alma Park

I'm all for alliteration - just not too much of it. So there you go!

The days are short, the afternoons are cold, the kids need to "let off steam" (as my Mum would say), so we headed off to Uralla's "award winning" park - that's what the sign says on the New England Highway.

I was going to sit and read while the kids ran around, climbed and generally tired themselves out, but... I took my camera with me. Fortunately I took my camera bag with me too, cos the card was in the card reader at home and I had a spare one in the bag. It is a much smaller card so I had to cull as I went along.

Here's a collage of the happy event - click on it and you can see a slightly bigger version. :)

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