Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Do I do any housework?

It seems (doesn't it?) that all I do is take photos and scrapbook. Hi Mum! Let's just stop and think about that a moment...

And while you're thinking about it you can look at my latest page, whipped up to use the Basic Grey April Sketch (which is in their Newsletter which, it appears, you have to register to get) and Basic Grey products, and incorporate my fave photo from the lantern parade and a quote from an old man who used to come to our place for Sunday lunch after church when I was a kid.

The journalling reads: Time flies. Money flies. Blow flies. That's what Mr Hubbard used to say. I'm still not really sure what it means but it is stuck in my memory and I say it often myself.

I also used my beloved Craft ROBO for the "Flies" bit of the title. Every time I get my Craft ROBO out I am a bit nervous about using it and every time I use it I am so pleased at how easy and usable it is.

That's all. I'm off to do some more housework! :)


jilly said...

Absolutely beautiful Diane!

Louise said...

As Jill Said, Beautiful!