Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Playing With Paint

The other day I did a little bit of playing with paint. This is not something normal for me. In fact, some people would be very surprised at how much I have been playing with paint recently.

I arranged the paint (Making Memories acrylic paint - great stuff) on a big baking tray and then did a bit of mixing and squiggling with my b'gloved fingers. I took my cardstock and placed it down on the paint and then lifted it. I did it with three pieces of cardstock in various ways and then placed them in a preheated and turned off oven to dry.

I've used one piece, which I can't show you yet (early May) and here is the second piece. It just so happened that the paint colours I used were perfect for the Lantern Parade and Fiery Finale of the Get Off Your Arts Festival in Uralla.

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Louise said...

Woooooow Diane !!!!