Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Alms-basket of Words!

It all started when Kelly from Scrapapple decided that we should add a bit of Shakespeare to our Weekend Workout.

The first challenge was to find a Shakespeare quote that I wanted to use. It didn't take me too long to find this one. I love playing with words and this was as good as it gets for a quote.

I decided to incorporate May's challenge on Aussie Dares which was Words, Words, Words.

This is what I came up with.

Firstly, I set up some of my fave word games (that was fun) and took a few photos. Then I tore a few pages out of Hamlet (an ex-school book) and stuck them randomly on the page. I painted a bit, wielded my pen a bit and agonised a bit.

For the title I found a relatively blank page in the book and printed my title onto it with a space between each letter. I then chopped it all up and stuck the letters onto black cardstock - I'm am impressed with the effect (even if I say so myself!).

I just liked the little shield-emblem thing and decided to add it to the layout too. I looked up non sanz droict and it seems that it may or may not be Shakespeare's motto.

I grew up with a love of words, a passion for language. Playing with words, quoting and misquoting words, singing words - this is my life. Words are the bread and butter of my intellectual existence. Hence, [I] have liv'd long on the alms-basket of words.

Products: I used the back of two Scenic Route papers; Reeves paint; Uniball Gel pens; Stazon Ink; VersaCube Ink; Bazzill and ColorMates cardstock; Prima flowers; Kaisercraft Rhinestones (thanks Nae); and pages from a book.

I'll tell you a story...

Because I changed schools so many times I happened to read Romeo and Juliet more than once. In Yr 12 (maybe) we were working our way through Romeo and Juliet. Various people in the class would read their assigned parts. I grew up with the King James Version of the Bible, so understanding Shakespeare was no difficulty for me. This was NOT the case for everyone else in the class. It was so painful listening to student after student stumbling and stalling through their reading.

I was prepared to sit quietly and listen because I was super-duper shy and absolutely terrified of reading out loud. But it came to the crunch one day. I looked ahead and saw that the apothecary had, like, four pages the next day. The thought of enduring this was even worse than the thought of me reading it out loud, so I volunteered to read the apothecary part the next day.

I didn't sleep well. I was sick with the anticipation. But I read and I survived. Phew!


Beverley said...

This is fabulous. Love the photos of the games, how you've used the papers from a book and the title really is effective. I think you've almost inspired me to do a double layout!

Moi said...

What a cool layout! Looks great - red, black and cream or white is probably my most favourite ever colour combination.
I also love language, and finding out the eytmology of words. And Scrabble is my favourite board game! I love crosswords too.
Anyway thanks for visiting the ScrapValue blog. I must apologise that it has been so long neglected ... Come again!

Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

Beautiful layout Diane (as always!). It was just so wonderful to see you at the convention. I really hope that next time we'll be able to spend some time together!