Saturday, 28 June 2008

Experiments and Experience

It all started quite some time ago, really. Actually a few years ago! I don't know how long ago but maybe 2 years, or three, my friend Gwenda joined together nine little canvases - I had plans.

Blue Bazaar's mixed media challenge got me started. Out came the canvases (I knew where they were!) and my new Memories Mists and a glorious mess ensued. I had a wonderful time spraying the Memories Mists on my canvas and it looked SO good. The problem was it just didn't dry. After about 10 days I decided that I would have to rub it into/off the canvas.

Plan B. I stuck my home made paper onto each of the canvases and sprayed them with the Memories Mist. My hope was that they would dry on paper products. They didn't seem to.

Then I started doing some research. I found out that Memories Mist is NOT paint, as I had assumed, but pigment ink. Aaaaaah! That puts a new light on things. I aimed my heat gun at it for a while, then parked the whole lot near the heater for about a week. Finally it is dry.

Unfortunately I stuck the gorgeous gold buttons on before the paper was completely dry. Bad plan. Very BAD, BAD plan! (That's Woodley-style for all you Lano and Woodley fans out there.) The buttons stuck to the paper but the paper wasn't dry and it was quite happy to relinquish its hold on the canvas.

Hennyway. It's all stuck now.

About the buttons. They are a treasure. My Dad found them at a garage sale and sent them to me for the kids. The kids!!! No way! I snaffled them. That was years ago - like 12 years. There is one button that didn't come from the garage sale.

This button (correct me if I am wrong, Deb and Mum) is the one button I could find (where are the others?) that was on a fabulous dark orange, beautifully knitted cardigan that used to be Mum's and then mine, and then my sister's and now I have no idea where it is.

Back to Blue Bazaar. The mixed media challenge for this month is to use metal. I was very happy to give my stash of gold buttons a special spot. Some of the buttons are metal, some are plastic but they all have some form of gold on them. The paper has gold glitter in it. And I sprayed gold Glimmer Mist over the well-inked paper.

I have actually stuck the whole pezzo nove creation onto another larger canvas. I do hope the whole thing holds together.

That's all for now.


Coby said...

Hi Diane

I enjoyed reading the story behind your creation. You have certainly had a time of it but the end result is so beautiful!!

Love Coby

Peta's page said...

I too loved reading the story behind your canvas! What a creative mind you have and i LOVE what your canvas! thanks so much for sharing!

Louise said...

Freaking Awesome Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this, Di! I really love the work you are doing lately - so many different materials, techniques, and textures. This is just gorgeous. I would never have thought to then put it onto another canvas - brilliant. If you ever want to sell it, can I have first dibs?! Love Nat xxx

Sharmaine said...

Hi there, just blog hopped over from Danielle Q's blog and WOW!!! Love this! So cool to hear the story behind it. Love Lano and Woodley too :)