Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Best of 2008

I was looking through my scrapbooking layouts this arvo to see if I could pick just a few of my favourites - it's not that easy really so I am going to skip showing you my faves. But, while I was looking I came across my circle journal layouts that I did yonks ago at The Boxx and I am pretty sure that I have never shown them on my blog. So here they are.

Today I...

When I Was a Teenager I Wish I Knew...

Scrapbooking Technique

Favourite Holiday Destination

Favourite Movie

What's in a Name?

Beautiful Is...

So, what is a circle journal?

Normally, in scrapbooking, a circle journal is a themed album that is passed around a group of people, and each person creates a layout in the album before passing it on to the next person. For this album though, we had a co-ordinator. We were told the themes of all the albums and we did a layout for each theme and sent them to the co-ordinator, who then sent all the layouts from each theme to the person who chose that theme. Do you get it?

The hardest thing with doing this journal, with a group of people that I did not know at all, was choosing a theme. After looking through long lists of topics I settled on What's in a Name? and did my name, of course! I must've been tired when I did the journalling cos there were heaps of mistakes - so I edited it straight onto the layout. I quite liked the effect so left it that way.

Hopefully you can read the journalling when you click on each photo. :)


lusi said...

Gorgeous layouts Diane!
Love Lus x

Anonymous said...

Happy 2009 Diane! I love your circle journal, it looks fantastic xxx I've missed catching up on your world, I've been flat chat with the season xxx Stay happy xxx

Lucy xxx