Saturday, 3 January 2009

This Boy...

Christmas is sandwiched between two birthdays at our place. That's not a bad thing.

DH would be happy to do what Declan suggested and not have any more birthdays until he's 99!!! He was outta town for his birthday so we gave him his presents a few days early so that he could enjoy them while he was away.

But it's a little different for Malachi - at this stage of his life he would be happy to have 99 more birthdays, for sure. Mal's 8th birthday was a quiet day. Most of the family visitors were either gone or gone out and Mal had fun building his LEGO Creative 4993 Cool Convertible quietly by himself - clever little man!

A birthday is not a birthday without a birthday cake and this birthday was to be a birthday so we had birthday cake - a simple gluten-free buttercake from one of our favourite sources for failsafe recipes - Fed Up by Sue Dengate. We forgot to break out the bon bons for our Christmas celebration (not the first time) so we made a bon bonny birthday dinner along with the hats, jokes and trinkets.

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