Sunday, 12 April 2009

Bonzer News

Easter is not terribly different to any other weekend of the year for us because we remember that Jesus died and rose again on, pretty much, a daily basis. Nevertheless, a public holiday or two makes for a bonzer weekend.

On Good Friday we all headed down to Austinmer to check out the beach there. It was a beautiful day and the beach had an abundant supply of shells. Caitlin and I decided to do an art work in the style of one of my favourite artists - Andy Goldsworthy. NB: If you Google seach Andy Goldworthy and check out the images you'll likely be blown away by his art. The videos are amazing too.

After collecting shells for a while I decided that the ocean felt bearably the right temperature for a swim - so swim I did. For the first time in about 10 or 11 years.

The swim was great but the shells kept calling, so we collected more to add to our Easter cross.

Bonzer News!
Jesus died for my sin (and yours).
He came back to life and lives forever.
I'm living forever too!

And here's a layout to record the day. I take no credit for creativity here as the layout is totally and utterly scraplifted from Kathie Link. I take credit for only scraplifting the best! :)

If you are into words, linguistics, semantics, whatever, you might be interested in A Bonzer Conundrum. Let's keep bonzer alive - or any other variations on the theme. It's a bonzer word!


Anonymous said...

Oh that was bonzer!

Anonymous said...

what a bonza beauty!

Louise said...

Stunnimg LO Diane!! :)xx

Diane said...

Thanks Louise, but you really should say that to Kathie Link, cos she's the one that thought it up and executed it so beautifully for me to copy.

kathie said...

I've only just seen this Diane. Your layout is such a wonderful compliment. I love how you've reinterpreted the original page :).