Monday, 27 April 2009

Reframing Myself

A little while back I discovered that I am an HSP - a highly sensitive person. I didn't need to do the self test to know but I did it anyway. :)

Well now I have been reading the book by Elaine N. Aron about being a highly sensitive person. It is enlightening, and maybe a little bit scary, as I work my way ve.e.e.e.ry slowly through the pages.

Now this might seem off the subject but... I don't journal very often. I am not good at being consistent with keeping records, writing down my thoughts, or even taking tablets (not that I need to) so whenever I do an art journal piece it is either for a challenge or the rare time when my emotions and creativity mingle and result in just a little bit of inspiration.

This is one of those rare occasions and there just happens to be a challenge as well!!! I have been doing the Art Journal challenges at Blue Bazaar for the last few months. This month's technique is to do an image transfer. I can't say I enjoy this process - probably a combination of lack of success and not liking the smell of gel medium. But I did it anyway. It's a picture of me when I am about 7 or 8 years old. I'll show it to you so that you know what you are looking for :)

Here is the page I have done. It's called Reframing Myself. Which is the name given to the process of understanding myself with respect to my sensitivity. It's great!!! The understanding myself, not necessarily the page. :)

and a close up.

So there you go!

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