Wednesday, 1 April 2009

a healthy beginning

Sometimes I link to a blog or website that I have enjoyed looking at, or that I hang around on the forum at, or whatever, but today I am going to do a shameless, blatant, outright plug. It's for my very beautiful, clever, special, loved sister's new business a healthy beginning.

If you are interested in natural health choices for conception, pregnancy, birth.... well have a look at the website - it tells you all about it!

My sister is, and I quote, "an experienced natural birth and registered doula" and believe it or not, she never had the privilege, blessing, thrill, or excitement to be at any of my 9 births. :( The closest Deborah came was to deliver my (not very) labouring body to the hospital in her trusty little Mini for my first child, and to be at my place in the early hours of the morning when my waters broke for my second first child (my third, actually). But if I was to recommend someone who is thoughtful, caring, diplmatic and strong for the job of helping and guiding you through conception, pregnancy, childbirth and beyond - Deborah would be the one!

Okay. That's all.

Do you think she looks like me?

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